Didi Davis
1636 Hart Road, Knoxville, TN 37922| +1-865-671-1624 | didi@serendipityhealth.net


Nationally recognized thought-leader and speaker with comprehensive knowledge in health care management, information technology, standards, eHealth, health information exchange (HIE/RHIO), electronic medical record (EMR), electronic health record (EHR), personal health record (PHR), and payer-based records.  

Passionate and innovative informaticist having held a variety of national and international executive-level positions over the past 19 years spanning many facets of the industry. Outstanding sales and marketing, business development, R&D and strategic problem solving abilities, combined with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Experienced leader of not-for-profit organizations responsible for managing complex project execution and facilitating stakeholder collaboration and involvement.

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Founder, Serendipity Health, LLC with the mission to enhance adoption of developing technologies in healthcare. Serendipity Health works with clients to deploy connected and interoperable systems to improve the quality of healthcare delivery.  Clinical transformation will be necessary for the evolving "meaningful use" criteria as required by ARRA/HITECH. Health information technology (HIT) services are available to multiple stakeholders including hospitals, physician practices, ambulatory clinics, health information exchanges, vendors, payers and service vendors to understand the nuances of the US Health care market. We're a small, specialized, highly focused and nationally recognized consulting firm that assists clients in deriving value from clinical systems.

Our specific service offerings fall into the following three areas and include the following: 

Hospital, Physician and Clinician Adoption 
• Physician EMR/EHR Adoption
• Physician Readiness Analysis and Strategy Development 
• Evidence Based Content 
• Practice Assessment 
• Physician Order Set Development 
• Clinical Process Assessment 
• Clinical Process Redesign 
• Nursing Adoption

Strategy and Value 
• Vendor Evaluation, Selection, Contracting
• Governance Definition
• Corporate and Business Strategic Planning
• Quantifying Community Objectives
• Support Innovation with Education and Training
• IT Strategic Planning 
• IT Operations Assessment 
• Contract Negotiation Assistance 
• Implementation Planning 
• Affiliate Strategy / Physician Integration 
• Health Information Exchange 
• Develop Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
• Design and Implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Based Solutions

Program Management Office (PMO)
• Program Management Office Development 
• Program Management Coaching / Oversight 
• Project Leadership 
• Testing Analysis, Strategy, Planning and Execution 
• Communication Planning 
• Benefit Realization Management 
• Implementation/Configuration




Latest News

Mrs. Davis to present at AHIMA, September 29, 2010.


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